What do I have to consider after receiving a visa?

05.03.2020 - FAQ

Please check the correctness of the information on your visa as soon as you receive your passport back. Please inform us immediately of any errors so that we can issue you a new visa.

Your visa will state your full name, passport number and photo. The validity period of the visa is indicated as well. This is the period of time during which your journey can take place. It also shows the maximum number of days you can stay in the Schengen area during the period of validity.

Important note for Schengen Visas

The issuance of a Schengen visa does not constitute a right of entry. The final decision is made by the border police before entering into the Schengen area. It is possible that the border police will ask you to present documents, in addition to your passport with the valid visa, which provide information about your financial means, the duration and purpose of your stay and health insurance cover. You should therefore take a set of your visa documents (including an invitation from Germany, hotel reservations, and travel health insurance) with you.

Important note for National Visas

The period of validity on your National visa indicates the time in which you have to receive your domestic residence permit. Therefore, do not forget to register at responsible Aliens Authority in Germany immediately after entering Germany.


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