Germany and Nepal: Bilateral relations

28.02.2024 - Article

Germany is involved in efforts to examine and come to terms with what happened in the civil war in Nepal and is supporting the process of transitional justice. Through work with victims’ associations, concerns of the female civil war victims are also being addressed. Germany likewise supports the Tibetan refugees living in Nepal within the context of its bilateral relations.

In June 2022, the Federal Government decided to continue official German development cooperation in the established priority areas. Germany supports sustainable economic development, also with a view to Nepal’s graduation from LDC status in the coming years; other focuses are health, promotion of renewable energies/energy efficiency and support for the federal system.

Numerous German civil society organisations have been active for decades in the areas of human and women’s rights, education, food security and healthcare. A close network exists between the citizens of both countries as a result of the many years of engagement.

Bilateral trade totals around 70 million euro, although Nepal has a trade deficit of approximately 10 million euro. Germany exports primarily machinery and technical devices to Nepal, while Nepal’s main exports are textiles and textile raw materials, as well as small amounts of tea and spices.

Around 1500 students from Nepal embark on a degree course at German universities and universities of applied sciences each year.

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