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The German Embassy in Kathmandu has been informed that, effective January 21, 2022, a number of new public health measures will go into effect in Nepal, requiring inter alia proof of COVID-19 vaccination by all persons in certain public spaces, including restaurants, government offices, and airports - even if they present a negative PCR test.  This will effectively preclude unvaccinated adults from air travel out of or within Nepal.  New regulations are expected in the coming days that will clarify immigration rules.  These are expected to state that unvaccinated persons age 18 years and older will NOT be permitted entry into or exit from Nepal, effective January 21, regardless of visa or COVID test result status.

Travelers and residents currently in Nepal and unvaccinated against COVID-19 are strongly urged to consider either receiving a WHO-approved vaccine or departing Nepal before January 21, if they are considering travel out of Nepal in the near future. Religious, medical, and other exemptions may ultimately be available, but have not been authorized at this time.  Visa overstay fines are not expected to be tolled for those unable to depart after January 21 due to lack of vaccination; all fines must be paid before departing Nepal.

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The following new rules apply as of 23 December 2021:

All travelers 6 yrs and older need to provide either PCR Test or Vaccination Certificate when entering Germany. Kindly observe your Airline’s PCR-Test rules!

When entering Germany, PCR Tests may not be older than 48 hrs. When entering Germany by air, PCR tests may not be older than 48 hrs before (scheduled) flight departure time.

These rules also apply when only transiting through a German airport to any Schengen or non-Schengen destination.

PCR Tests and/or Vaccination Certificates need to be presented to the airline before departure and to the German immigration authorities.

Passengers departing from Kathmandu:
As a rule, a current PCR test is always required to enter the Kathmandu Tribhuvan International Airport - regardless of the vaccination Status.

Further Information by the Robert Koch Institute regarding the designation of international risk areas

Information on our updated visa procedure

Thomas Prinz

Ambassador Thomas Prinz

Germany and Nepal will further deepen their partnership based on shared values: democracy, individual freedom and a just and equitable society that is also sensitive to environment conservation and climate change.

Thomas Prinz

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