How to open a blocked account

The picture depicts a golden kredit card on two statements of account.

Bank account, © colourbox

02.02.2022 - Article

A blocked account might be needed when you want to apply for a Student Visa. Please Note that you do not have to open a blocked account BEFORE you apply. The German Embassy will tell you when a blocked account is required or not.

When applying for visa, you can provide evidence that you are able to meet your living costs by opening a blocked bank account. You have free choice of provider.  More information is provided here.

Please note that incomplete or incorrect applications will result in processing delays.

To the best of the Embassy’s knowledge, the following banks offer blocked accounts in Nepal that meet the requirements of the visa procedure; please find a description of how to open a blocked account at the Website of Deutsche Bank  , Fintiba and X-Patrio.

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