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Entry to Germany

Nepalese and certain non-EU nationals need a

Arriving in Germany
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visa in order to enter Germany. An overview of visa requirements/exemptions for entry into the Federal Republic of Germany can be found here.

The German Embassy has reassumed processing Schengen-visa on behalf of SLOVENIA (since Sep. 1st, 2021), BELGIUM (since Nov. 1st, 2021) and LUXEMBOURG (since March 21st, 2022).

Lifting of COVID-19-related restrictions for entry into Germany

From Saturday, 11 June 2022, 12pm/0.00h CET, all COVID-19-related restrictions for entry into Germany will preliminarily be lifted. From that date, travel from Nepal to Germany will be permitted for all travel purposes (including tourism and visits).

For entry into Germany no proof of vaccination, recovery or testing is required any longer.

Further information is available at the Federal Ministry of the Interior and Community.

Visas as required for entry into Germany may be applied for with the German Embassy in Kathmandu for all travel purposes. Due do the high demand delays may occur in the issuing of visas.

Which Visa Category do I have to apply for?

The type of visa you require depends on how long you plan to stay. Are you planning a short visit to Germany, e.g. for a holiday? Or would you like to stay longer, e.g. to attend university?
Please choose how long you are planning to stay. 

Short stay - Schengen Visa (maximum of 90 days, e.g. for a holiday or business trip)

Long stay - National Visa (more than 90 days, e.g. to attend university, work or join a family member in Germany)

FAQ on visas and entry

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