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01.12.2017 - Artikel

Applying for a German passport

If you are a German citizen residing in Nepal, you can apply for a for German passport at the German Embassy.

If you are not sure whether or not you are a German citizen, your citizenship may be determinded by the Federal Office of Administration. Carefully read the information on “Am I German” below.

German passports contain a chip with the holder's fingerprints, which will be taken electronically at the time of the application. Therefore it is required that the applicant appears in person at the German Embassy.

It is not possible to extend an expired passport. Instead the German Embassy will issue a new document.

Am I German?

Determining German citizenship

If you are Nepali or other foreign citizen and would like to find out if you are eligible to apply for a German passport, there are some basic principles of the German law of citizenship that you should familiarize yourself with first:
German citizenship is mainly acquired and passed on through descent from a German parent. The parent has to be German citizen at the time of the birth of the child. Children who are born to former German citizens do not acquire the German citizenship. In addition, for children born before January 1st, 1975 to parents who were married to each other at the time of the birth, it was mandatory that the father was a German citizen in order for the child to acquire the German citizenship.
Persons who were born in Germany before the year 2000 to non-German parents did not obtain German citizenship at the time of their birth and are not eligible for a German passport. Currently, only children born in or after the year 2000 to long-term residents of Germany could or can under certain circumstances receive the German citizenship.
The German rules on citizenship are based on the principle of avoiding dual citizenship. This means that a German citizen who voluntarily applies for and accepts a foreign nationality on principle loses the German nationality automatically. This rule does not apply to Germans who receive the other citizenship by law or who applied for and received a citizenship of a member state of the European Union or Switzerland after August of 2007.

Further information

Further information and requirements for applying for a passport are availaible visit the German part of this website

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