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Mr. Norbert Barthle, German Vice Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development, is on a three-day visit to Nepal

Vice Minister Barthle and Prime Minister KP

Vice Minister Barthle and Prime Minister KP, © German Embassy

03.10.2019 - Pressemitteilung

...from 03 to 05 October 2019. This visit underlines Germany’s wish to continue its long-standing partnership with Nepal by adding a new dimension to it.

Mr. Norbert Barthle will attend the following events during his visit to Nepal:

Mr. Norbert Barthle will call on the Prime Minister to discuss political and economic matters on 03 October 2019. He will also meet other government representatives.

Mr. Norbert Barthle will be the guest of honour at the German National Day celebration on 03 October 2019. This year’s national day will be an occasion to mingle with the participants of the first Nepal-German Business to Business meeting, held the day before.

Mr. Norbert Barthle will attend the inauguration of the German Technical School (GTS) in Dhunibesi Municipality, Dhading district on 04 October 2019.

Mr. Barthle will inaugurate the national Load Dispatch Centre (LDC) financially supported through the German Development Cooperation with a grant of 7 million Euros. The LDC is technically improved and will be the heart of the Nepalese power grid

Mr. Norbert Barthle will also visit Patan and Bhaktapur city.

Strong development cooperation will continue as in the past six decades. This will be showcased by the inauguration of the Load Dispatch Center. Energy, especially renewable energy, is one of the three pillars of German-Nepali cooperation, the other two being health and sustainable economic development. Of course, Germany will continue to make significant contributions through the European Union as well as multilateral institutions (the development banks and the UN system).

However, as Nepal is opening a new political and economic chapter of its life as a nation, its partnership with Germany will also change. Private industry from Germany are starting to explore opportunities in Nepal. Mr. Barthle will therefore meet up with the participants of the first business to business forum. His support to the German Technical school in Dhading shows that professional training will be key to developing future industrial relationship with Germany and the whole of Europe.

Mr. Norbert Barthle will also discuss German support to Nepal in the implementation of federalization, as well as German support to Nepal’s climate and biodiversity agenda

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